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Formed in 2007, ConnectToTech volunteers are business professionals; high school, middle school, and university educators; and supporters from other community organizations.Inspire and support students to connect to technology educational and career opportunities through corporate, community and academic partnerships. Our volunteers have engaged with over 7,000 students to connect the academic school day to real-world technology experience through workplace tours and job shadowing, technology trade shows, presentations by professionals, online information resource material. The group played an integral part in the implementation of the TechPREP and STEM Tech programs at Stony Brook University funded by the Motorola Solutions Foundation to engage middle school girls from under-served Long Island communities into a technology competency-building pathway.

Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions connects people through technology. Businesses and government agencies around the world turn to Motorola Solutions innovations when they want highly connected teams that have the information they need throughout their workdays and in the moments that matter most to them. You can find Motorola Solutions products and services in a wide range of workplaces. From the retail floor to the warehouse floor, and from the small town police station to the most secure government offices, our products support customers who make up the diverse global economy. We are proud that our products support mobile transactions of all kinds, as well as the safety and security of citizens everywhere.
Our customers rely on us for the expertise, services and solutions we provide, trusting our years of invention and innovation experience. By partnering with customers and observing how our products can help in their specific industries, we are able to enhance our customers’ experience every day.

BASCOM Global Internet Services, Inc., a software development company specializing in Internet infrastructure systems, has formed an Education Services division. The division is aimed at providing on-site training to administrators and teachers in the effective use of the Internet in classroom instruction. In keeping with the objectives outlined in the U.S. Department of Education's National Educational Technology Plan, the courses will improve the preparation of teachers in their knowledge of how to use technology for effective teaching and learning.


Our company provides tools and technologies to help public safety agencies access, manage and analyze data. These tools give public and private agencies actionable knowledge to help protect public safety officers and those they serve. We focus on software solutions for Public Safety, Homeland Security and Justice systems. Part of this focus is not only the products we sell and service, but also the industries to which we provide our products and services. The following is a list of industries utilizing our software.



Something big is coming to the Tri-State Area! Actually it’s much bigger than big it’s infinite in its possibilities, its promise and its opportunities. Just imagine that the seemingly limitless frontiers of science, technology, mathematics, and engineering are suddenly well within your grasp or, if you prefer, the universe was just delivered to your front doorstep. Brookhaven National Laboratory and the Long Island Matrix of Science and Technology are planning the Portal to Discovery, a new science learning and exploration center on Long Island. The Portal to Discovery will be a place where Brookhaven’s passion for discovery is shared in meaningful and interesting ways to many audiences... eventually reaching over 200,000 visitors per year. Brookhaven National Laboratory has a rich tradition of fostering invention and discovery in the sciences, and the Portal to Discovery will be the go-to place for people of all ages who have a thirst for knowledge and adventure to experience the frontiers of science.

LIMSAT's principal mission is to introduce science to young people in a way that will ignite their curiosity, understanding and enduring interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics by the use of interactive programming and exhibits. To accomplish this mission LIMSAT has partnered with Brookhaven National Laboratory to form the Portal to Discovery.

Long Term Planning Vision: To create an engaging and sustainable science center that serves families and schools and has significant impact on family and adult learning in Long Island. A first step towards achieving this vision has been a partnership with Brookhaven National Laboratory to form the Portal to Discovery.


mindSHIFT is one of the largest IT outsourcing and cloud services providers, serving small and mid-size businesses for more than 10 years. While our size gives you comfort that we’ll be here for the long haul, we also know that you demand and deserve great service and responsive support. That’s why, with mindSHIFT, you’ll get everything you need from an IT outsourcing and cloud services provider at the right price. At mindSHIFT, we’re about keeping you up and running, resolving problems quickly, providing personal attention and providing you with reliable IT support when you need it.

The LI Regional STEM Hub, the third of ten forming in the Empire State STEM Learning Network, focuses on preparing students for the Long Island workforce through enhanced science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) experiences for students and teachers. Academic relevance serves as a major theme by making it easy for businesses to engage with school and university systems, and integrating non-academic settings such as museums, research labs, and not-for-profit programs. It is envisioned the Hub will promote workforce development that will stimulate the high tech economic growth and vitality of the region.

Brookhaven National Laboratory conducts research in the physical, biomedical, and environmental sciences, as well as in energy technologies and national security. Brookhaven Lab also builds and operates major scientific facilities available to university, industry and government researchers. Brookhaven is operated and managed for the U.S Department of Energy's Office of Science by Brookhaven Science Associates.

From its beginnings a half century ago Stony brook has been charecterized by innovation, energy and progress, transforming the lives of people who earn degrees, work and make groundbreaking discoveries here. A dramatic trajectory of growth has turned what was once a small teacher preparation college into an internationally recognized research institution that is changing the world. Stony Brook's reach extends from its 1,039-acre campus on Long Island's North Shore–encompassing the main academic areas, an 8,300-seat stadium and sports complex and Stony Brook Medicine–to Stony Brook Manhattan, a Research and Development Park, four business incubators including one at Calverton, New York, and the Stony Brook Southampton campus on Long Island's East End. Stony Brook also co-manages Brookhaven National Laboratory, joining Princeton, the University of Chicago, Stanford, and the University of California on the list of major institutions involved in a research collaboration with a national lab.






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